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Spiritual Counseling and Guidance

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Rabbi Joshua wants to help you find your connection to the Divine. Are you searching for meaning in your life, or wondering and questioning how spirituality and/or religion can find a place in your world? Rabbi Joshua is here for your spiritual journey, wherever it might take you. We are all in "Shutaf Elohim," or a partnership with Oneness. Sometimes we only need an open, non-judgmental, and willing hand along the way. Rabbi Joshua also comes with an extensive background in mental health and counseling. He operates from a mental wellness perspective, as opposed to a disease model. Rabbi Joshua believe that our spiritual wellbeing is directly related to our emotional and physical health, and that we must nurture the nefesh (soul) to maintain or find our way back to wellness. Rabbi Josha says to you: "Heneini," "Here I am."

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